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Scooter -  ADOPTED

Scooter is a 2 year old male black Pekingese with white markings who was born July 18, 2006.  He was found wandering around a large apartment complex where no dogs were allowed.  When his rescuer found him, he jumped right in her car.  He was very skinny and flea ridden; he also had an upset stomach and possibly an upper respiratory infection.  The lady promptly bathed him and gave him a dose of Frontline Plus.  Scooter was posted with local shelters for the required amount of time and was not claimed.
From the very beginning, this little guy was very loving and trusting with the lady who found him.  He likes to have his belly scratched and will let you pet him for hours.  Scooter does not like to be left alone and wants, and will expect, to sleep with his people.  He got along well with his rescuer’s female Cocker Spaniel (who gets along with no one, human or animal!) and had a wonderful time playing with her 1 1/2 year old Shetland Sheepdog.  Both dogs were females.  He would probably love to have a female companion.  Scooter LOVES peanut butter and his little eyes light up when given a dollop.  He walks well on a leash, but does react to large dogs (also on a leash).


Scooter can be very possessive of his person AND his toys.  He does not appear to be food aggressive, but he won’t allow his toys to be taken away.  Soft, squeaky toys are his favorite, but he will happily tear them to bits!  He seems to be fairly well house trained if taken out 3 times a day.  If he is nervous or in a strange place, putting down a couple of puppy training pads will work well as he will use them.  The lady who rescued him absolutely adores Scooter and would adopt him if she already didn’t have the limit of dogs allowed where she lives.  That is why she contacted rescue. Scooter has been neutered, wormed, given his rabies vaccine, and all his shots.  His current foster mother says he is very loving.  He may need to learn a few boundaries and rules, but he is young and very eager to please. We are moving Scooter to a new foster home where he will be further evaluated and begin receiving some Mr. Manners education. 

Update 11-8-08:   We received this update on Scooter from his foster mom:  This guy is SMART as a whip... He would love a play mate or someone who will spend a lot of time with him.  He has LOTS of energy.  He loves toys but does not play ball or fetch.   He plays wonderfully with two of my females.  They both love him.  My male pays NO attention to him at all. He was put into his place on the first day. Scooter has NO aggression problems at all and he has learned some treat manners.  I would say if he got out of his yard or off leash he would not return when called.  We are working on that now.  But it's going to take awhile.  He uses the doggy door and is house broken. He can jump a normal baby gate so my husband built a taller one. He is crate trained and does sleep in it at night. This guy is very special. He wants to play play and play some more.  If someone does not want a dog on their furniture then Scooter is not the dog for them.  This little boy will make someone so happy. We laugh at him all the time. He is so cute and fun to have around.

We adopt in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia and require home and vet checks.  Scooter's adoption fee is $250.00.

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