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Sarbre is one of the 18 rescued from Bristol Va


Sabre  (6 yrs, 13.3 lbs):
     Sabre is an absolute delight!  He has a very sweet, easy-going manner and has settled into his foster home perfectly in just a day or two.  He quickly followed the cues of the other dogs to learn what is expected of him.  He seems to enjoy the company of the other dogs and has attempted to play on a few occasions but LOVES attention from his foster mom.  He will happily follow her around the house, wagging his tail or climb into her lap for petting.  House-training is coming along nicely.  Sabre is able to make it through the night without an accident.  At this time, he is rewarded with a bite of cheese when he goes outside to reinforce his behavior.  It is amazing how loving this little guy is after what he's been through.  You can tell he was kept in a tiny space because he will sometimes seek out a little corner to sleep in or find a place under a piece of furniture.  He is still a bit frightened of fast movements in his direction and may flatten himself to the floor or roll over.  He is learning to trust new people but warms up quickly.  This little boy's back end is very, very thin so he will need to gain some weight.  This should be no problem since he LOVES his food and gulps it right up.  He also loves treats but gulps those too - he's learning to be mindful of fingers.  :-)  To his foster mom's delight, Sabre has been quiet as a mouse through the night. What a wonderful personality this little guy has.  He is sure to be one of the first of the Bristol rescues to get adopted!  :-) 

Sabre has had all his medical completed. 

Click here to see the video on the rescue of the 18 Bristol, Va pekes

We adopt in Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia, and some parts of NC. We require a home and vet check. Sabre's adoption fee is $350.00.

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