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Pollyanna -  ADOPTED

Sweet PollyAnna. Her face says it's all...I'm a sweetheart! Polly is very playful and happy all the time. She plays well with other dogs (not sure about big ones yet). She has a lot of energy but likes her naps too. Polly's hair is soft and long now, which hide the scars she has on her back. She does have food aggression so she'll need to be separated when eating around other dogs. Her favorite toy, a duck, is almost always by her side. When traveling, PollyAnna needs a day to balance out and start eating and playing normally. Overall,  Polly is a happy girl and listens very well. She is still potty training and will use puppy pads. She will play well with children as long as they don't try to pick her up or play rough.
She is named Pollyanna, because like the Disney character, Pollyanna is joyful no matter what she has been through. We picked her up at a local animal shelter in S.E. Virginia and she had already been seen by a vet for serious wounds on her back. The original vet thought they were chemical burns of some kind. She is incredibly happy, prancing in joy. She came into the foster home, and acted as though she had been here before. She grabbed a toy, and began playing. Then, she found the toy box and got another toy, found one of the many dog beds and happily settled in. She is just an amazingly sweet little girl.

Pollyanna, who is estimated to be one year old, is eating well. She is drinking a lot of water, normal for a dog with an injury like she has; it helps to hydrate her body and continually clean it from the inside. She had a bath and loved it. Some of her pictures on the deck show her wet, and happy!

Update 9-18-2008 from her foster mom: Pollyanna is SO sweet! She loves other dogs, and is slowly gaining weight and getting stronger. However, she is not healthy enough to undergo heartworm treatment yet.  Once she is able to receive that, she will be spayed and ready to be adopted.    

Update: 10-15-2008  URGENT!
Pollyanna's back has continued to heal and she still has the wonderful happy spirit that has brought her through so many medical issues. However, she still has more to face. She had biopsies done on her bladder and urethra and they showed that she may have transitional cell carcinoma. Click here: Transitional Cell Carcinoma She is being treated with peroxicam for three months and then another biopsy will be done. Her medication is expensive and so are the medical procedures, so any donations made for her care are greatly appreciated. We will know more in three months unless we need to do tests sooner. Pollyanna's heartworm treatment will be delayed until we know she is healthy enough to go through that procedure (not an easy one for any dog). We have hopes that her future will be good and that she will continue to heal, in body and spirit. She is a precious dog.  

Update: 1-11-2009 GOOD NEWS!
Pollyanna's biopsy results came in, and it was good news.  Her biopsy several months ago showed possible bladder cancer, but the new results show NONE!!!   She does have mild dysplasia (abnormal cells), but not cancer (epithelia cells).     She will continue the special medicine (peroxicam) but will only take it every other day. Now, we can treat her heartworms. Pollyanna still has significant scarring on her back from the burns she had when she came into rescue-- but her hair is now fluffy, her tail is fluffy and you would have to look for the scars to find them. She is a happy girl, and doing so well. Her foster mom said she doesn't do great with small kids, but otherwise is a great little girl.   

Update 1-13-2009: Polly's cancer is GONE! She'll go through her heartworm treatment and be ready for adoption. New photos are below.

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More Pictures of Pollyanna


This is Pollyanna right after she was rescued and treated by PVPC.


This is Pollyanna now. She is healing very well!



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