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Bio Update:

Hi! I'm Miss Muggles! My foster Momma said that I needed to type up a current bio on myselfs! I've been with my foster Momma for quite some times now... she doesn't mind at all. She says shes grown quite fond of me. I likes it here very much, but Momma says she wants to continue to save other doggies like me!

She says I is a very pretty girl, and my peke-tures do me no justice. I agree... I'm a very bouncy, bubbly girl and I hate to sit still for peke-tures! Even when I'm promised Peanut Butta! I lives with three boy pekes, so obviously I has to let them know who I am and where I'm at! We alls get along really goods, but sometimes I likes to barks for attentions. It's hard to get all the loves when there is so many boys in the house. As soon as you so much as looks in my direction, I roll over for belly rubs! My Momma thinks its funny, but I’m serious about me belly rubs!

I love going for walks with the other pekes! My favorites part is meeting all the other doggies! Oh, and getting petted by all the ladies walking by! Momma takes me to the doggie park once a week too, n I loves that! I run and run and run until my little legs give out on me. I don't really play with toys, I thinks I'm too grown up for that! BUT I will enjoy a good bone from time to time! I spend most of my days playing with my bestest friend here, Patrick, who my Momma adopted. We wrestles and chase each others around the house! I'm hoping to find a home with a doggie friend! 

My foster Momma said to let you know that I do haves to eat a special food! I get Urinary Tract Infections, so to keep them from coming backs, they puts me on S/O food. Lot's of pekes eat this. All of us at my foster Mommas do! I just need someones to keep an eye out on me to make sures I don't get another one! Oh, and I justed found out, I was born with one kidney! No big deals! I just thought that was pretty cool! 

I thinks I'm about 4 years old in human years! So I still gots tons of years to be your bestest friend forever!

Muggles is 3 years old and weighs 14 pounds. She was rescued from a shelter. Her coat is in rough condition due to allergies. She had a really bad ear infection which comes from her allergies. She will have all her medical updated and we will start to work on her coat and ears. She is very sweet !! Once her allergies are cleared up her coat is going to be beautiful. She is going to be fostered in Northern Va. Her adoption fee is $350. If you would like to be considered in adopting Muggles please complete our on line application. We require a home visit and vet reference. We would not adopt Muggles to families with small children



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