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                                              Maximus   Adopted !!!!


Maximus has just come into rescue. He is 2 years old. Full of life. And quite beautiful. He will be neutered soon and have all his medical completed. Once he settles into his new foster home we will have more information on him. We do know he gets along with other dogs and kids. He has a lot of energy. Just like a puppy. Just look at that face. He looks like he wants to talk to you...

Update from Maximus's foster Mom. 

Maximus loves to play with a tennis ball: whether small, medium, or regular size, he lives for the thrill of the ball!  He once walked for two blocks holding a small tennis ball in his mouth because he refused to leave it behind. One night, he squeaked his small tennis ball continually until he fell asleep. Squeak-squeak-squeak-squeak ... squeak-squeak-squeak ... squeak squeak... squeak ... zzzzzzzzzzz.
He's got a healthy appetite, and since healing from his surgery and urinary infection, he has been accident free in the house. He will bark when he wants to go outside or when his tennis ball has rolled somewhere he can't reach!   He will also bark when he is separated from the rest of the family and can get very upset about isolation. He cannot stand being confined in small spaces, so he should never be crated or put in a kennel. He needs a  forever  family that will not  leave him alone in the house for long periods because he just does not do well alone. He will definitely need another dog or two as a companion; he gets along well with other dogs and doesn't need to be the alpha. He also loves to play with our neighbor's children who are eight and ten years old, so we think he would be very happy in a family with children older than 8.
 He gets hot very easily and needs to be in a cool environment.  Max's foster sisters and brother know that Max gets the air conditioner vent! 
He loves to go for walks, but he's a leash-puller. He gets excited over other dogs and people he sees and will bark a lot. However, it's pretty easy to shift his focus, so over time, he should become calmer outside.
Overall, Maximus has a sweet personality. He is high-energy, even-tempered, and fun-loving, but since he's a true pekingese, he naps a lot too.

We adopt in Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia, and some parts of NC. We require a home and vet check. Maximus's adoption fee is $350.00.

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