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Max and Maggie ADOPTED

Maggie and Max are 5/6 year old Pekingese who were found together by animal control and taken to a shelter.  Since they are both micro-chipped, the shelter was able to find out their names and owner information.  Their owners were contacted, but they did not come to get them. These two  really love each other.  Maggie is the outgoing one who loves everybody. She is very easy going and just wants to be held, sitting on the sofa with her foster parents.  Max, who has only one eye, is a bit more reserved, but within a short period of time, he does warm up to people.  He has made himself at home and has adjusted quite well to his new living arrangements.  Max loves to play and quickly found a tennis ball to keep him entertained.  Both dogs enjoy meandering in the backyard and love to go nose to nose with the neighbors’ dogs on the other side of the fence. They have already been vetted, are heartworm negative, and are respectively spayed and neutered.

Max has seen the opthalmologist for a spot on his only eye.   He will be seen again in mid-June to evaluate how he is doing.  Maggie is having bladder issues and will be having tests mid-June.  Because of some calcification in her back, it would be better if she did not go up and down stairs. She is happy to be carried!!

These two are so precious.    They need a special caring home where their health needs can be monitored, but they are so worth the effort.

Maggie and Max are very attached to each other, so our wish for them is to find a family who will be willing to adopt both dogs so they can stay together.  If you think you are that family, please fill out an application.

Update 2-20-09:  From Max and Maggie's foster mom: Max and Maggie both continue to display very sweet and loving personalities.   Max always has a mini yellow tennis ball or some other toy in his mouth.   He sometimes puts it down for you to throw, and sometimes, he just looks at you with a grin, his tail wagging, wanting you to try to get it from him.   One of his favorite places to be is on top of the sofa or on the big ottoman where he can look out the window and not miss any of the outside activities.   He and Maggie love to explore out in the yard.  I love to watch them as they're both "flying" around together.   They are very attached to each other and are comforted by being able to be together.   Maggie is a love-bug.   She wants to be held, and is always there ready to greet every person who comes to the house.   She is a very social dog-- especially if you pick her up!  Max and Maggie deserve to stay together and we are hopeful that the right person is out there.  The family that ends up with these two precious Pekingese will be very lucky to have found such adorable canine companions to love.

Update 4-5-09: This is an in-depth update from their foster mom: Maggie had stenotic nares surgery, but it only helped some.   She still has very small nose openings and we are considering redoing the surgery to help her out.   She is not able to tolerate heat well, because of her breathing and can't take long walks without difficulty.   

Max and Maggie are two of the sweetest Pekingese I've fostered.    Maggie is laid-back and a total love bug.   She loves to be on someone's lap.   When I am at my desk, she is usually behind me on the chair or under the desk.    She also loves to be on the ottoman looking out the window.
Max is more "sensitive."    It took him more time to trust me, but now he gets up on the couch with me and climbs on my lap.    He LOVES his toys, especially the mini-tennis balls I get at Petsmart.    He also loves to be on the ottoman in front of the window.    
These two can not be fussed at-- they are both sensitive (not that I fuss/yell at the dogs here anyway).    They were abandoned, in the shelter for ten days and then came here.
Maggie had a serious bladder infection.   We had to do four medication treatments on her, but she is now doing well.    She HAS to be on bladder food (Waltham's S.O. diet).   She can only have the prescription treats that go with that diet.    Any other food will probably be harmful to her bladder.    Maggie has had some springtime allergies and I am giving her some ear drops and some hydroxizine.   She is doing really well on those.
Max has a spot on his only eye.  He has been to the veterinary opthalmologist -- here is the report:
The cloudy area in Max's right eye represents an area of lipid or fat deposit (corneal lipid infiltrate).   This can be an inherited disorder of fat metabolism in the corner or a degeneration due to either surface inflammation or metabolic abnormalities of fat metabolism
Although we cannot reverse the changes that have occurred, we can sometimes slow its progression.   The level of blood fats can greatly influence the severity of the disease.   We recommend having your regular veterinarian evaluate blood fat levels (cholesterol and triglycerides) 4-6 hours after a meal.   If his blood fat levels are high, we may need to switch Max to a low-fat diet and low-fat treats to inhibit deposition of lipid within the cornea.   Although the corneal opacity is currently not causing any significant problems with vision, they can sometimes progress to cause vision loss.   We will re-evaluate Max in a few months to be sure no additional  changes are occurring.  If cloudiness or vision loss progress rapidly, or if increased redness, squinting, or ocular discharge is observed, please call.
Max's eye has improved tremendously on the drops which he gets twice a day and is no longer showing signs of inflammation. 
Both dogs are GREAT with baths and being blown dry.  I do it myself and they are very cooperative.  These are two easy going dogs who love everyone.  Maggie thinks the world is there to love her.  Max is a bit more cautious at first, but he soon warms up to people.  He isn't crazy about big dogs and given the fact that he has only one eye, his interaction with strange dogs should be very limited.
Max eats WD food, which is lower in fat.  He also eats the S.O. food that Maggie is on.  They both have a great appetite and eat both dry and wet versions of the food (just a small spoonful of the wet food mixed with the dry kibble).  They are easy to medicate and take pills easily in dog food.
Even though this adorable pair has some health issues, they are well worth it and will make a family very happy to have chosen them as their canine companions. 

We adopt in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.  We require home and vet checks. Max and Maggie's adoption fee is $450.00

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More pictures of Max and Maggie

 Below are photos of Max and Maggie with their foster dad, along with pictures with their foster brother and sister, Cranberry and Scooter.




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