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                                                  Leo  ADOPTED !!!!!!



Leo came to us through a shelter.   He had been removed from his owner by animal control and needed help.   You see, Leo is only ten months to a year old-- but he is almost totally (if not completely) blind.     He needed someone who could help him to learn and be loved and we volunteered.    His foster mom is GREAT!    She has sent pictures and videos of this special little boy.     Well, maybe he's not so little-- he's about 15-16 pounds, but is all puppy.   
Leo is quite an amazing dog.  After he got the layout of his foster house down, he was able to get around with out much trouble at all.  He knows where the food and water dishes are and he sniffs them out whenever he is thirsty or hungry.  He can even go up stairs when he is done outside (with close and direct supervision of course!).  Inside the house, all the stairs are blocked to prevent accidents.  He uses his hearing and sense of smell to get around.  When he is outside, he loves to follow the sound of his foster mom and dad's shoes in the grass and will follow them, around the yard.  He is a super sweet dog and LOVES to cuddle and give kisses. 
There is a wonderful web site for owners of blind dogs:   http://www.blinddogs.com/    There is information, and support from other owners of blind dogs.   
To see videos of Leo playing (some with  his foster sister, Molly), look below:
Click here: YouTube - leomovie4.mp4
If you think you are the one who can give Leo the attention and love he deserves, please email us at [email protected]

We adopt in Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia, and some parts of NC. We require a home and vet check. 

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