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Jasper -  ADOPTED

Jasper is a four year old male Pekingese who came into rescue on December 24, 2008.  He was saved from a rural shelter that had limited space, and he was running out of time.  We were told that Jasper was a puppy mill rescue, and was part of a confiscation.  He had spent most of his life cooped up in a barbed wire cage, and was used for breeding only.  He had very little contact with humans, or even the outside world.  However, in spite of all this, from the moment he was picked up from the shelter, he displayed an extremely sweet personality and warm temperament.  He bonded very quickly with the woman who rescued him, and we are confident he will do the same with whoever is lucky enough to give him a forever home.  Jasper wants nothing more than love and attention. He is a sweet boy who will certainly make a terrific family pet for the right people. He is also great with other dogs!

Jasper is neutered and appears to be house trained.  He certainly knows what to do when he goes outside. 

If you think you have room in your home and your heart to welcome this sweet angel, please fill out an application.

Jasper's adoption fee is $300 and he can be adopted in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.  Home checks and vet checks are required.


Update 2-2-09 : We received the following update from Jasper's foster mom: " I just wanted to send you some pictures of Jasper in the snow and at my dog's Lucy's birthday party! He likes playing in the snow but once his feet get cold he wants to go inside. I couldn't get too many good pictures of him because it seems as if he may actually be afraid of cameras!  Since I started fostering him I noticed that he prefers Lucy's toys, especially the 2 foot long red Bobo, so anything bigger than him he likes; he loves tennis balls and nyla bones; he's very good about putting his harness on and will sit without being told as he waits patiently.

According to Jasper the house is a racetrack and he wants to see how fast he can run on the hardwood.  Hands down, his favorite activity is to go on long walks! Whoever adopts him MUST take him on a walk daily, or else he gets whiny and will bark at you until you take him outside.

If he is allowed to have his way, he likes to sleep on my bed...in my spot.  He and Lucy get along great, so he really is dog friendly.  I think the only issue he has is with his food, so he should be fed separately if there are other dogs in the house with him. And with toys, once he gets used to the other dog he's fine sharing."

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