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Henry was found as stray. He is a senior.Our vets put his age around 8ish. He is up to date on all his medical and  is micro chipped. He is blind in his right eye. But this does not effect him at all. This is what his foster Mom says about Henry !

"Henry is a very happy boy- his tail even wags in his dreams! He loves to go for walks, and is very alert and perky. He makes the cutest squeaky noises when the harness and leash are taken down- he's so excited to go see what's happening in the neighborhood! Henry is a gentle boy, loves to be petted, talked to, brushed, and blow dried after his baths, which he takes calmly. He likes other dogs too, and has been gentle with my Pekes. He plays gently too, is learning about toys, although he likes cuddling and belly rubs best of all. He likes to be with his people, but is confident, easy going and content to take himself off to find a sunbeam to sleep in too!  Henry is housebroken- he will roll around and squeak if he wants to go out, and will dance you to the door to go out. He hasn't had any accidents in our house since his bladder infection cleared up. He's a male, so I can't guarantee no 'marking', but so far, he's been good, and I watch him and take him out if he looks like he's looking for a place to mark. He puts himself to bed when we go to sleep, and sleeps all night.
He has a funny little soft bark, but doesn't bark often. He likes to eat, isn't possessive about his food dish, and has been enjoying chopped apples, chopped green beans, blueberries, and potatoes in addition to his kibble. He likes to crunch on plain rice cakes too! 
Henry is a wonderful little fellow, loyal, affectionate and sweet. He will be a lucky person's heart dog."
If you would like to be considered in adopting Henry please complete our on line adoption application. We require a home visit and vet check. We do not transport or ship our foster Pekes to their new home. Henry is being fostered in Virginia. His adoption fee is $250


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