Potomac Valley Pekingese Club

Rescuing Pekingese in Need for Over 20 Years

                                     Donations 2012

Four Foot Press LLC                           http://www.ilikedogs.org/                                                         

Anonymous donor                               Sponsorship for Millie

Jannine Ashby                              In honor of Linda Maxwell,Cate Allan & Grace

Kim Aldridge                                        Sponsorship for Dublin's surgery

Kim Aldridge                                      Sponsorship for Butterscotch

Yvonne & Derek Anderson

Barbara Aster

Barbara Aster

Patricia Aylas                                             In memory of Theo Aylas

Patricia Aylas

Patricia Aylas                                            Sponsorship for Henry

Patricia Aylas                                          Sponsorship for Dublin's surgery

Patricia Aylas                                      Sponsorship for Butterscotch's medical

Patricia Aylas                                   DONATION TO ALL Pekingese.Thanks                                                            for all you do in your great organization.

Jim & Martha Badger             In memory of our Pekes Princess and Coppertop

Dennis Bashaw                              Maddie's allowance for Dublin's surgery 

Leslie Beets

Stephen Bennett                                Sponsorship for Dublin's surgery

Grace Berry

Grace Berry

Grace Berry 

Grace Berry

Grace Berry

Grace Berry

Grace Berry

Grace Berry 

Grace Berry

Grace Berry

Grace Berry                                           Merry Christmas !!!!

Austin Bishop

Austin Bishop                                   Sponsorship for Dublin's surgery

Sam Bishop                                   Sponsorship for Dublin's surgery

Clara Bowling                          Sponsorship for Butterscotch

Chris Brandenburg                  In memory of her Pekes, Bogey & Lafite (to help                                                   with Dublin's medical)

Chris Brandenburg             Thank you for all you do for the pekes in need

Linda Bull                                              Sponsorship for Tommy

Linda Bull                                                Sponsorship for Autumn 

Linda Bull                                              Sponsorship for Jubilee 

Linda Bull                                            In honor of Jubilee's memory 

Linda Bull                                         Sponsorship for Dublin

Linda Bull                                         Sponsorship for Butterscotch

Linda Bull & Kaci                            Happy Valentine's day to all the fosters

Linda Bull & Kaci                                           Sponsorship for Millie

Linda Bull                                            Sponsorship for Alastor & Henry 

Robert & Audrey Burkholder

Deb Butler                                             Sponsorship for Dublin

Leslie Copello                                     Sponsorship for Butterscotch 

Shannon Clauson                                Sponsorship for Dublin's surgery

Elisa Cobb                                           Sponsorship for Henry 

Elisa Cobb                                           Sponsorship for Butterscotch

Joan Cope                                          Sponsorship for Chester 

Mildred Cook

Genise Collins                                               Sponsorship for Millie 

Genise Collins                                         Sponsorship for Dublin

Jeanie Columbo                                       Sponsorship for Dublin's surgery

Richard Coppock                               Sponsorship for Alastor

Richard Coppock                                  Merry Christmas to all the Pekes

Richard  & Nancy Coppock                      Donation from their yard sale !!! 

Becky Cooley                                         Sponsorship for Dublin's surgery

Joy Cornell-Baker                                     Sponsorship for Dublin's surgery

Burlap Art By Elizabeth                                 Sponsorship for Dublin's surgery

Jim and Marian Brzostek                             Sponsorship for Millie

Mary Elizabeth Davis             In memory of Tasha and Gracie. In honor of                                                     Camden and Brandy.  

Mary Elizabeth Davis                        Sponsorship for Dublin's surgery

Heidi DeCamp                                Sponsorship for Dublin's surgery      

Lisa Didomenico      

Patricia Donahue                          Sponsorship for Dublin                     

Jelene Dudd                                                  Sponsorship for Maddy

Josh Dugan                                      In memory of Buddy, beloved Poodle

Josh Dugan                                           Sponsorship for Dublin's surgery

Josh Dugan                                Donating in place of send Christmas cards !!!

Margaret Dunn                                          Sponsorship for Chester

Valerie DeFeo                               In memory of my beautiful Peke, Willow

Valerie DeFeo                                                 Sponsorship for Millie

Valerie DeFeo

Carolyn Drischler                                           Sponsorship for Millie

Allen Engle                                                   Sponsorship for Dublin

Robert Ensign                                                 Sponsorship for Dublin's surgery

Teresa Addair-Falise 

Laura Farron   Merry Christmas to all your special Pekes. In memory of Bandit                 

Wendy Fischer

Friends School of Baltimore             Sponsorship for Millie          

Mark Fuzek                                         In memory of Christine Kimmins

Mark Fuzek                            For Gizzy and/or other Pekes in need. In memory of my parents Bettye and John Fuzek. My Mom would be appreciative of this as a Mother's Day gift as she loved all of her four-legged grandchildren! 

Mark Fuzek                                       Sponsorship for Dublin's surgery

Joan & Al Gates

 Jane and Gracie Lu Garrett                               Homer's Medical

Jane and Gracie Lu Garrett                             Sponsorship for Annie

Vicki Paul Gattuso  & Diva Pearl (Pekingese)

Vicki Paul Gattuso & Diva Pearl (Pekingese)      Chester's medical

Vicki Paul Gattuso & Diva Pearl (Pekingese)          Annie's Medical

Vicki Paul Gattuso & Diva Pearl (Pekingese)           Cowboy's Medical

Vicki Paul Gattuso & Diva Pearl (Pekingese)          Gracious's Medical

Vicki Paul Gattuso & Diva Pearl (Pekingese)

Vicki Paul Gattuso & Diva Pearl (Pekingese)          Dublin's surgery

Vicki Paul Gattuso & Diva Pearl (Pekingese)       In memory of Cathi 

Janet Glozer                                           Sponsorship for Macey 

Janet Glozer                                           Sponsorship for Dublin

Janet Gregory                                                In honor of Julie Boone

Janet Gregory                                                 In honor of Linda Bull

Thomas Halligan                                       Sponsorship for Dublin's surgery

Louise Harden

Louise Harden                                   Sponsorship for Dublin's surgery 

Debbi Hays       

Audrey Hills                                    Sponsorship for Dublin's Surgery                               

Mike Hills

Angela Holmes                                         Sponsorship for Dublin's surgery

Angela Holmes                                           Sponsorship for Butterscotch

Angela Holmes

John Houston

Ruth Ann Hurley                                         Sponsorship for Dublin's surgery

Blair Jones

Betty Jacobs      

Louis & Susan Joslin

Michael Johnston & Alan Marcinek         Sponsorship for Dublin

Leighann Keane                                          Sponsorship for Millie

Leighann Keane                                         Happy Holiday gift !

Kim Larimer                                               Sponsorship for Dublin

Rebecca LaRose                                        Sponsorship for Millie

Rebecca LaRose                             To help with fosters' medical

Rebecca LaRose                                Sponsorship for Tommy

Susan Lee                                               Sponsorship for Dublin's surgery

Jannie Ashby Light                                Sponsorship for Dublin's surgery

Michael Lillie                                                 Sponsorship for Millie

Michael Lillie                                        Sponsorship for Tommy

Michael Lillie                                              Sponsorship for Dublin's surgery

Ann Lowe                                                        Sponsorship for Henry

Alan Marcinek

Linda Maxwell                           To honor the birth of Grace Carrington Bach

Caroline Thill Martz                          Blessings on your wonderful work of love

Caroline Thill Martz

Caroline Thill Martz                              Sponsorship for Millie

Caroline & Fred Martz                                In memory of Riku  nie Snead Miller

Caroline and Fred Martz                 Thank you for the wonderful work you do!

Caroline & Fred Martz                          Sponsorship for Chester  

Marjorie & Chuck Martz                       Sponsorship for Dublin's surgery

Caroline Thill Martz

Bob and Stacy Mickle 

Genie Snead Miller

Tamika Mitchell                                          Sponsorship for Dublin's surgery

Jeremy McCullough                                  Sponsorship for Alastor            

Deborah McPartian                               Sponsorship for Millie

Dawn McPherson

Monique Moore                                          Sponsorship for Sebastian 

Monique Moore                                           Sponsorship for Millie

Monique Moore

Tina Noonan                                              Sponsorship for Dublin's surgery

Mary O'Connell                                          Sponsorship for Butterscotch

Stephanie Payne

Thuyanh Pham

Thuyanh Pham

Thuyanh Pham

Thuyanh Pham

Thuyanh Pham                                                Sponsorship for Millie

Thuyanh Pham                                              Sponsorship for Chester

Thuyanh Pham

Thuyanh Pham                                          Sponsorship for Dublin's surgery

Thuyanh Pham  

Emily Proffitt               

Emily Proffitt                                                    Sponsorship for Millie

Emily Proffitt                                                     Sponsorship for Henry

Emily Proffitt                                                  Sponsorship for Ginny Lee

Emily Proffitt                                                   Sponsorship for Macey

Emily Proffitt                                                   Donation from her fundraiser

Emily Proffitt                                                   Sponsorship for Toni

Emily Proffitt                                                      Sponsorship for Dublin

Emily Proffitt

Lynn Sanderson                                               Sponsorship for Dublin

Barbara Schlagle                     Sponsorship Teddy,Lolli Pop,Beau and Homer

Sharon & Brad Reck                       Sponsorship for Bessie & Puggie

Susan Reynolds                      Sponsorship for Dublin's surgery

Susan Reynolds                               In memory of her Peke, Taffy

Susan Reynolds                        In memory of her Peke, Taffy 1980-1995

Susan Reynolds                          Sponsorship for any foster Peke

Stacy Rich                                    Sponsorship for Dublin's surgery

Kay Seaton & Claretta Richardson                    Homer's Medical

Kay Seaton & Claretta Richardson 

Kay Seaton & Claretta Richardson  

Kay Seaton & Claretta Richardson                Cowboy Opie's Medical

Kay Seaton & Claretta Richardson                   Dublin's medical

Kay Seaton & Claretta  Richardson                         For all of our fosters

Kay Seaton & Claretta Richardson

Kay Seaton & Claretta Richardson

Flora Roberts                                     Sponsorship for any foster Peke

Flora Roberts

Debbie Robertson                        In honor of Dr Lucinda & Rodger Hodges

Craig & Sylvia Roe                               Sponsorship for Dublin's surgery

Fiona Ross                                             In memory of Paddy Bear

Fiona Ross                                                    Sponsorship for Dublin's surgery

Nancy Ross                                                Sponsorship for Dublin's surgery

Lynn Sanderson                                  Sponsorship for Dublin's surgery

Barbara Schlagle                                Donation to all the foster Pekes

Lynn Schultz

Jane Seidlitz                                      Sponsorship for Dublin's surgery

Mary Dubois Sexton

Karen Seldomridge                    In memory of Kassidy and Mindy-Su

Susan Sheaffer                                 Sponsorship for Dublin's surgery

Monica Sirtori

Erin & Matt Smith                        In honor of our pekes, Rosie & Newman

Maria Sorrell                        In Memory of Peyton on his birthday(her Peke)

Maria Sorrell                                      In memory of Gaye Tilton

Maria Sorrell                                    Sponsorship for Dublin's surgery

Mary St.Mary                                               Sponsorship for Millie

Mary St.Mary                                        Sponsorship for Butterscotch

Laura Steel                                                       Sebastian's surgery

Laura Steel                                                  Sponsorship for Millie

Laura Steel

Laura Steel                                                    Sponsorship for Milo

Laura Steel                                    Sponsorship for Alastor and Henry

Laura Steel                                       Sponsorship for Dublin's surgery

Kenneth Stewart                       In memory of Heather,Bandit and Bugsy

Kenneth Stewart                       In memory of Heather,Bandit and Bugsy

Doris Strum                                Sponsorship for Dublin

Marisa Drisdom-Swader                    Sponsorship for Dublin

Christine Thomas

Antonia Vale                                    In memory of "Mr. Woo" 

Michael and Jen Vann

David Vandyche                               Sponsorship for Dublin's surgery

Pat and David Wall                      In memory of their beloved Peke "Princeton"

Teri Walters

Leonard & Jean Washburn              Thank you for all you do for the pekes

Kristin Weber                                       Sponsorship for Dublin

Marcia Weinberg                           Sponsorship for Bessy,Joey and Puggy

Doris White

Nena Winand,DVM                                         Sponsorship for Prince

Pat Wilder

Pat Wilder                                 To help with Autumn's hear worm treatment

Pat Wilder                                   Sponsorship for Butterscotch

Pat Wilder                                   Sponsorship for Dublin's surgery

Lyriadawn Skjaeveland-Williams      In Memory of Taffy a former PVPC Rescue

Jerrie Williams 

Cheryl Winter                                     To help with our rescue pekes

Cheryl Winter                                     Sponsorship for Dublin's surgery

Tina Woodson

Sandra Young






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