Potomac Valley Pekingese Club

Rescuing Pekingese in Need for Over 20 Years

                                           Donations 2009

Sponsorships 2009


Yvonne Anderson  Missy

Tina Ardnt  Mid Atlantic Pug Rescue      in honor of Linda and Melanie

Jannie Ashby  Chloe

Barbara Aster

Pat Avery and Helen Chang  Chloe

Carolyn Bartlett

Melinda and Stephen Bennett   Puppy Mill Rescues

Austin Bishop

Nancy Bowles

Tracey Bowry  Chloe

Christine Brandenburg

Anne Brettingen

Jim and Susan Brittain  Chloe, Holly, Jasper, Pearl, Peke-a-Boo, and Taffy

Marian and Jim Brzostek  Chloe

Linda Bull     Charlie & CoCo

Linda Bull  Campbell, Betsy, Grant

Linda Bull    Sassy

Linda Bull    love to all the puppy mill rescue pekes

Linda Bull     help with Anna's medical

Linda Bull      For Noble in honor of Robert, Merry Christmas

Linda Bull       For Chance in honor of Cliff, Merry Christmas

Robert Burkholder

Melanie Christian  Chloe

Nancy Clark 

Shannon Clauson and Nathan Hand  Pollyanna

Zadith Cook

Joan Cope  Chloe and Pollyanna

Joan Cope  Chelsea

Joan Cope  BB

ME Davis    Sassy

ME & Toni Davis    in honor of Campbell now being called Camden 

Toni Davis  Chloe

Marilyn Derry      Anna

Marilyn Derry

Fiona Donaghey-Ross   "Sweet Pekes"

Diane Downing  Chloe

Margaret Edwards  Chloe and Tess

Bob & Lily Ensign  Merry Christmas from our Pekes: Penny,Spencer & Sammy

Dr. Evans, DVM     Anna

Cheryl Faust

Friends of Animal Care & Control  Chloe

Dana Garcia  Chloe

Barbara Garrett

Jane Garrett  Chloe

Cherry Garris  Chloe

Lynne Gillis    "thank you Linda" for helping Charlie

I. Louise Harden

Sandra Harris

Jared Hoke 

Global Impact

John and Terry Jackson  Chloe

Gloria Jones  Pearl Jaden 

(Gloria Jones sponsored all of Pearl Jaden's bills)

Catoctin Kennel Club

Alyssa Kessler  Pollyanna

Brandon Kessler Clarence

Michael Lillie  Chloe

Kristin Lindstron 

Caroline and Fred Martz  Chloe, Pearl, Pollyanna, Taffy, and Tess

Caroline Martz    Max and Maggie

Linda Maxwell  Max and Maggie

Donna McBride  Chloe

Anna and Tom McGonigle  Chloe and Pearl

Anthony Mezatasta  Chloe

Jennifer Moreland  Chloe

Bonnie Nichols  Scotty

George Ohlin  Chloe

Paul Overly  Snuggles

Joan Ozak

Stephanie and David Payne  Peke-a-Boo, Snuggles

Stephanie Payne

Merrill Petrow

Christy Pennell

Jennifer Pfeiffer  Chloe

Thuyanh Pham  Chloe

Thuyanh Pham

Cathy Ping  Chloe

Judy Puckett  Chloe

Jeanne Reeves  Chloe

Bill and Fiona Ross  Chloe

Fiona Donaghey-Ross

Melanie and Brian Samet  Chloe

Debra Samuel  Chloe

Barbara Schlagle

Leonie Schultz Betsy and Grant

Lynn Schultz     In memory of Pearl 

Kay Seaton

Beverly Shaffer   from KiKi

Dolores Smith

Maria Sorrell  Chloe

Shelley Starnes  Oliver

Kenny Stewart

Catherine Trice  Scotty

Catherine Trice  Peke support

Carla Vercoe  Chloe

Patricia Wallace

Mary Catherine West  Chloe

Julie Weismantel  Chloe

Pat Wilder

Patricia Wilder  Betsy

Marianne Williams

Cheryl Winter

Nancy Young

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