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Chloe     Adopted !!!!!

Chloe came into rescue on February 22, 2009.  This poor girl was 48 hours from potentially dying, according to the doctor at the emergency vet clinic where she went as soon as we took possession of her.She was in critical condition, but she has come a long way.     

Chloe's foster mom reports that this little one has a voracious appetite.She eats everything that is put in front of her, is not moving or is not nailed down.Chloe has been spayed and had bi-lateral inguinal hernia surgery which was very successful.   She plays with anyone that will pay attention to her be it dog, cat, or human.  Chloe is full of energy, joy, spunk, love, and personality.  She loves to be carried, cuddle and give kisses.   Want to rub her belly?  No problem.  She automatically rolls over on her back if there is any chance of that happening.

Oh, and she is the great protector.  She will run from one end of the yard to the other keeping all walker-bys at bay.  She lets Oreo, one of her foster brothers, help, but she takes on the major responsibility.  Want to go for a walk?  She’s there!  Oh, and don’t dawdle, there is a lot of ground to cover and the day is so short.
Update 3-25-09: Chloe had bi-lateral inguinal hernia surgery which was successful.  She is neutered and potty trained outside and will also use a wee-wee pad. 

Update 11/30/09   We did recently discovered that Chloe has very shallow sockets, thus her hind legs get wobbly sometimes because of the fit, but she gets about very well, including running around in the yard and playing.  She also has seizures occasionally, apparently caused by either physical and/or emotional stress.  Thus far, Chloe  has not needed medication for her seizures, PVPC has been trying to find the right forever home for Chloe for a while now.


Chloe has a zest for living, enjoys her walks, loves to cuddle, gives kisses and gets along well with everyone (children, adults, foster brothers, other rescues (young, old, newcomers, just everyone).  She has survived near starvation, mistreatment at such a young age (she is now about 2 years old) and still has maintained such a sweet, loving, disposition.  The sparkle in this little girl’s eye shows little evidence of her being so close to death when she arrived.  She is a real trooper and will make someone a wonderful companion providing all the love you may want from her.




We adopt in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia and require home and vet checks.  Chloe's adoption fee is $350.00.

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