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Campbell Adopted !!!! now named Camden

Campbell is under two years old, and is just learning to play with toys.  He is  trying to join in the doggie play with his friends in his foster home, which seems to be a new thing for him. He has probably never had a buddy to play with before. He is extremely sweet and pleased to just hang out on the deck while the others roam the yard. He does love playing with the water hose when his foster mom waters the flower pots. He is not toy, people or  food aggressive.  He is not a barker, but he will let you know if he wants back in the house.  He is a precious boy who finds fun in life and he has discovered that it's an adventure to get the leaves out of the mesh covered fish pond. He doesn't bother the fish, he just wants the leaves! He is doing quite well with not marking in the house. He does TALK, not bark, when left in the kitchen by himself. However, at nighttime, he just quietly goes to bed with his friends in the kitchen. He has an independent little spirit, not a needy one. He is just a wonderful boy!


We adopt in Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia, and some parts of NC. We require a home and vet check. Campbell's adoption fee is $350.00.

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