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Sometimes in rescue there are those dogs that for one reason or another, and through no fault of their own, stay with the rescue family as a permanent foster.  Whether it is due to a medical condition requiring hospice care , or a traumatizing experience from their past, some dogs may be considered as "not adoptable" by traditional standards.   When we rescue a dog, we make a commitment to them for life.  Our goal is to be there for the older, the sick, and the "un-adoptable" dogs that have been abandoned at a time in their life when they need comfort, companionship, and medical care the most.

These dogs continue to need our help with on going medical procedures, prescriptions, and special foods. If you would like to sponsor one of our "Fur-Ever" fosters please click here

You can make an automatic monthly donation or a one time time donation. Please indicate the Fur-Ever fosters name on your donation. 

Thank you for helping us with our "Fur-Ever" fosters.


Bingo  Adopted !!!!





                         JJ & Charlie                          


 Jasper (Rest in peace 11/05/17)


Joyful Grace (Rest in Peace)




Rest in Peace sweet Mckenzie 

Pete (Rest in peace)


Rudy (Rest in peace)






Rest in peace 12/7/2017
Waddles Rest in Peace 10/3/2017
Baby  Girl